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Need clarity in your business direction?

Whether you’re just starting out in business or have been self-employed or building an empire, we all lose clarity from time-to-time. Clarity is essential to growth – without it, we have a whole lot of effort with very little effect. Read more

Ready to earn more and work less?

If you’ve been in business for at least one-and-a-half years, you’ve got a few things figured out – you’re earning good money, you’ve got a steady stream of referrals and have conquered the steep learning curve of your first year in business. Read more

Want publicity for your business?

Who benefits when you’re the town’s best kept secret? Your brand needs oxygen – we all know word-of-mouth marketing is the best type there is, so add some fuel to your word-of-mouth with publicity and brand-building.  Read more

Latest on the blog

Automation sensation: top six tools for social media automation

One thing that most every business owner complains about with social media marketing is the time it takes to do it effectively. While it’s a bad idea to completely automate your social media marketing, there are plenty of short-cuts and automation tools that significantly cut down on your screen time. Read more

The fears that unite us

Over the last eight years that I’ve been doing digital marketing and the last five years of running courses across Australia, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with hundreds of business owners about their lives and enterprises. In the last couple of years, I’ve asked everyone who’s participated in my courses, Blogging for Business and Social Media Savvy, to write down their fears about blogging and social media. Read more

How to build a side business while working full-time

You’ve just worked a full day, gotten home in the dark, thrown together a meal using whatever creativity is left in your tired, tired brain, and now you’ve kicked off your shoes and are ready to relax. Read more