Small Business Digital Consultant

How can you build a reputation online and dominate the first page of search engine results for high-value search phrases? How can you develop rapport with strangers to cultivate these into new clients and raving fans (who bring friends)?

Untangling the web

There are countless options for using the internet to build your business and professional reputation. But how can you work smartly, so that your individual efforts are working towards a cohesive brand, a formidable reputation and fans, followers and new clients?

I work with business leaders, owners and teams who want to stand out and accelerate their digital domination while avoiding inefficiencies and costly mistakes. I do this through in-house training, ongoing coaching and compelling presentations.

Build influence, bolster your reputation

As a former PR professional and a content marketing expert, I help small businesses to build their reputation and influence with strategies that are rich in creativity and low on expense.

Years of experience in training and coaching means I can quickly identify the strengths and skill gaps of your team. Through the lens of persuasion, fascination and influence, I teach and coach on a combination of Public Relations, search engine optimisation and content marketing, to help position your business and you, as the owner, as an expert, authority and leader in your field.

If you want to cultivate a buzzing community of people who create your marketing materials for you, reinvigorate your staff and equip and empower them with the right skills and experience to grow your business, get in touch today – call me on 0405 375 069.