Need clarity in your business direction?

Whether you’re just starting out in business or have been self-employed or building an empire, we all lose clarity from time-to-time. Clarity is essential to growth – without it, we have a whole lot of effort with very little effect.

Clarity in your business helps to:

  • Launch your services and products to a rapt audience.
  • Bust through the earnings plateau that tends to be common after 1.5 years in business.
  • Keep evolving your business so it (and you) don’t get stuck and slowly become obsolete.
  • Focus on doing the right things and stop wasting time, money and effort on things that won’t pay off.
  • Know what you’re going to be earning this month, next month and the one after that.
  • Derive far more satisfaction and far less stress from your business so you can enjoy life more (that’s the whole reason we took this great leap into the crazy idea of self-employment in the first place, right?

Brook McCarthyHi! I’m Brook

I’ve been self-employed for almost eight years now and have commanded a full-time income since the very first month. Of course, things haven’t been a smooth upward trajectory. I’ve made lots of changes, worked overseas on an extended family holiday in southern France, run face-to-face courses around Australia and consulted to clients large and small – from big insurance companies and academic think-tanks to tiny one-woman sole traders.

Sometimes I’ve been really clear on exactly what I’m doing and totally motivated – excited, even – to jump straight into the first thing and the next thing and the thing after that. In times such as these, I’m massively productive – I’m running in-house training sessions, organising my own face-to-face training courses around the country, consulting and coaching with clients, project managing various website designs and copy writing jobs, and still having time to pick up my kids from school and enjoy my weekends. Despite being busy, I’ve felt relatively relaxed and in control.

And at other times, I’ve floundered, and second-guessed myself, doubting my decisions and back-tracking all the time. I’ve stopped and started new ideas, let other things stagnate and grow obsolete. These aren’t highly creative or productive times. In fact, they’re no fun at all.

In other words, I know how you feel

… And it’s painful ain’t much fun, least of all good for your business’s bottom line.

So I made something for you:

Find clarity: (free) Non-Planner’s Business Plan challenge

It’s totally free.

Click here to join my free ‘Non-Planner’s Business Plan’ challenge.

Perhaps you’re not lacking clarity, you’re just overwhelmed?

Perhaps you do know what you want and you’re actively pursuing it, but you’ve got so much on you’re floundering in overwhelm, stress and maybe even having trouble sleeping? If so, I’ve been there and I want to help!

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