Want publicity for your business?

Who benefits when you’re the town’s best kept secret? Your brand needs oxygen – we all know word-of-mouth marketing is the best type there is, so add some fuel to your word-of-mouth with publicity and brand-building. 

Publicity brings:

  • Far more word-of-mouth referrals and far more enthusiasm from your existing clients.
  • Media coverage and a professional reputation as a thought leader.
  • Far more qualified leads who you don’t need to spend so much time ‘convincing’ to do business with you.
  • More business opportunities, including brand ambassadorships, sponsored travel and other free perks.
  • Higher fees and a wait list of clients.

The internet has changed publicity forever

Since the rise and rise of the internet, we’ve seen democratisation of the public relations and publicity sectors. Any piece of content has the potential to go viral. Journalists are far more accessible than they used to be.

We each have the ability and opportunity to reach out and pitch, promote and publicise our own businesses. Public relations and publicity is no longer unaffordable and out of reach for the average small business – we can attract publicity ourselves.

Brook-McCarthy-trainerFrom public relations to digital marketing

My background is in public relations – in fact, my teenage years were spent collating and folding hundreds of press releases, packing wine into boxes for distribution to wine journos and updating media lists. My father ran his own PR consultancy (still does) so I know a think or two about public relations. It was my first office job and my last, before I took the leap into self-employment in 2008.

If you know you’re doing great work and you’re looking to raise your business’s profile or your own professional profile, here’s how I can help:

Check out my Hustle & Heart group coaching program where we learn how to pitch and how to attract publicity for our businesses.

Come to one my of Blogging for Business face-to-face courses around Australia.

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