Brook McCarthy is a digital marketing trainer, writer & business coach, specialising in the health and creative sectors

Content Marketing Strategist

Is your content marketing efforts attracting the right customers to your brand? Or are you struggling to create a coherent compelling story that’s memorable, and relevant across all marketing channels? Read more

Small Business Digital Consultant

How can you build a reputation online and dominate the first page of search engine results for high-value search phrases? How can you develop rapport with strangers to cultivate these into new clients and raving fans (who bring friends)? Read more

Communications Trainer

Invest in your biggest business asset – your people. Communications training cuts through the options overwhelm and digital clutter, to ensure what your organisation is saying is personally relevant, emotionally relevant and action-focused. Read more

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Melbourne quarterly business planning sessions

March 1, 2018 2:00 pm

Digital Marketing Insights

Stay on message – but give up control

Nothing is a sure bet in life – except that anything that could go wrong, will go wrong. This is particularly true if you’re busy and especially cannot afford anything to go wrong.

This cheery little message isn’t intended to contribute to the concerted worldwide political campaign to keep you awake at night. There’s plenty of that! Stay with me. Read more

Leonard Cohen on dented perfection

In 1972 in Jerusalem, Leonard Cohen, accompanied on stage by a full complement of musicians and singers, abruptly stopped singing “Bird on the Wire”.

“I really enjoy your recognising these songs,” he said to the audience. “But I’m scared enough as it is out here, and I think something is wrong every time you begin to applaud.” Read more

Give and receive: Christmas in business

Ah, Christmas! So many expectations, so much stress.

Usual suspects include “make peace with warring family members, cook like Nigella, organise catch-ups with all friends, close and distant, finish garden, get a haircut, shop like the clappers, give to charity, be nice to your children, be upbeat and joyous, in line with the Christmas spirit” – enough to make any normal person see double. Read more

Your business essentials: year-end review

I’m heading to a year-end business retreat on the New South Wales northern coast, with nine other like-minded business owners at the end of this week, after running my final face-to-face courses for the year. Read more

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