About Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthyHello! I’m Brook. I love the art and science of communication, persuasion and influence. Whatever the medium, effective communication forges connections between people and helps us be understood.

I started my business in early 2008, specialising in digital marketing for small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. Prior to this, I was a public relations professional, which is where I first dived into the fast-moving world of online communications.

What I do

If you’re overwhelmed with choices in how to communicate, what to say, when to say it and how often, I can help. If your brand message has become beige and same-same, I can help. If you’re struggling to find the right balance between logic and emotion and want to skilfully weave stories with facts with just the right message, at the right time, to magnetise the right people to action, I can help.

I offer half-day and full-day brand messaging strategy sessions. I run regular public short courses on blogging and social media marketing around Australia. And I also run these courses in house, customised to suit your brand and marketing objectives. Click here to kick off the process.

Finally, I offer one-to-one business coaching for executives and owners who are seeking a soulful combination of action and reflection, accountability and resilience, focus and compassion. Find out more here.

Businesses I work with

I work with a wide cross-section of businesses, though I specialise in the health and creative sectors, and particularly businesses in those two sectors which offer professionals services, rather than sell goods.

I offer half-day and full-day strategy sessions on brand messaging, content marketing and digital communications.

Small business marketing training: Hustle & Heart

Hustle & Heart group coachingHaving worked in small business my entire life, and with my father running his own PR consultancy, I well understand the challenges of small business owners: juggling multiple roles with splintered attention, feeling overstretched and sometimes, overwhelmed.

Many of us fall into self-employment or start businesses to enjoy what we do or because we feel a sense of purpose. We may well want more freedom and flexibility, only to find the popular entrepreneur propaganda is far removed from our reality.

There’s a better way to work – where we can enjoy what we do while making good money, without being forever yoked to work.

If you’re a small business owner or sole trader, and want to upgrade your digital marketing skills, learn how to attract publicity, manage your own PR and improve your sales skills, then check out my business, Hustle & Heart, with its flagship online program of the same name.

Experience and qualifications

I’ve been working in the online arena since early 2005 and embarked on the wild ride of entrepreneurship in early 2008.

I’ve worked at the coalface of social media as it emerged from obscurity to mainstream disruption. Some of the more interesting projects I’ve worked on include: working with the new concept of social commerce with Australian startup Jump On It, writing the strategy and rolling out Twitter channels, and Twitter community management across Australia and New Zealand before the company was bought by Living Social; conceiving, writing, marketing and presenting at one-day online and social media marketing intensives around Australia, from Byron Bay, to Newcastle, Perth to Melbourne, Adelaide to Newcastle, and in my home town of Sydney.

I also enjoyed a two-year stint tour leader in south-east Asia, with my manager in another country, a company credit card and budget. This developed my wits, independence, intercultural communication and people skills.


In the media

Articles in which I’ve been featured

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Sydney Morning Herald, February 25, 2012.

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Select articles that I’ve written

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Elephant Journal, September 9, 2013

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What now?

If you can’t see the wood for the trees, you’re creative or an ‘ideas person’, then go and sign-up for my Non-Planner’s Business Plan.

Head over to my blog with a cuppa, or drop me a line below through my contact page.